Founded in 1979 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated is a labor of love run by a collective of artists (both first-timers and established professionals) and political activists working with the unified goal of creating a home for political comics, graphics, and stirring personal stories. Their confrontational comics shine a little reality on the fantasy world of the American kleptocracy, and have inspired the developing popularity and recognition of comics as a respected art form.

This full-color retrospective exhibition is arranged thematically, including housing rights, feminism, environmental issues, religion, police brutality, globalization, and depictions of conflicts from the Middle East to the Midwest. World War 3 Illustrated isn’t about a war that may happen; it’s about the ongoing wars being waged around the world and on our very own doorsteps. World War 3 Illustrated also illuminates the war we wage on each other—and sometimes the one taking place in our own minds. World War 3 artists have been covering the topics that matter for over 30 years, and they’re just getting warmed up.

Contributors include Sue Coe, Scott Cunningham, Eric Drooker, Fly, Sandy Jimenez, Sabrina Jones, Peter Kuper, Mac McGill, Kevin Pyle, Spain Rodriguez, James Romberger, Nicole Schulman, Chuck Sperry, Art Spiegelman, Seth Tobocman, Tom Tomorrow, Susan Willmarth, and many more.

The “World War 3 Illustrated 1979 – 2014″ book is available through PM Press HERE 


World War 3 Illustrated is the real thing. . . . As always it mixes newcomers and veterans, emphasizes content over style (but has plenty of style), keeps that content accessible and critical, and pays its printers and distributors but no one else. If it had nothing more than that kind of dedication to recommend it, it would be invaluable. But it has much, much more.“
New York Times

“Reading WW3 is both a cleansing and an enraging experience. The graphics remind us how very serious the problems and how vile the institutions that cause them really are.“
Utne Reader

“Powerful graphic art and comic strips from the engaged and enraged pens of urban artists. The subjects include poverty, war, homelessness and drugs; it’s a poke in the eye from the dark side of America, tempered by what the artists describe as their ’oppositional optimism.’“
Whole Earth Review

“This is art—not marketing—on the newsstand. It represents the sort of creativity too rarely given an outlet in comics. It’s the best and longest running alternative comics anthology around.“
Comics Journal

“The artists of World War 3 have forged a space by turns harsh and exciting, honest and rowdy, boisterous and straight-forward, always powered by the wild and unruly harmonies of love. It’s a space where hope and history rhyme, where joy and justice meet. Their voices provoke and soothe and energize. I want to hear more.“
—Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground



Screen print virtuoso, Chuck Sperry, is returning to Paris in person from California for a massive new exposition (300+ poster titles will be available) at l’Oeil Ouvert Gallery! Paris art lovers discovered Sperry at l’Oeil Ouvert at the end of 2013 and were seduced by his works and his muses.

Inspired and constantly exploring motifs as various as classical mythology, Art Nouveau, early 20th Century and early 1970’s typography, exploring the stars of the Rock universe, and the psychedelic 1960s, Chuck Sperry is able to impose his style upon all these various sources and inspirations. Share an evening with Sperry who crosses the Atlantic to share his world with an audience now enchanted by his talent.

Extolling femininity and the delicacy of floral motifs, the artist plays with the layering of materials, in a sensual intricacy that the eye can never completely resolve.

Whether the subjects of Sperry’s prints are queens of the first word (Alpha and Omega), or revolutionary warriors (Gogol Bordello), or indecisive Persephones (Widepsread Panic), or icons of Rock (Patti Smith), Chuck Sperry’s depiction of women truthfully represent figures deeply independent and sensual.

We admire the correctness of his representation of womanhood, the mastery of his technique, the beauty of this silkscreen work where each piece is limited in edition, signed and numbered, and Sperry’s labor is carried out manually by the artist himself in his studio in Oakland.

Read more in English a recent article in Boing-Boing.

Read more in French in a recent article in Indiepoprock.


The Gallery is pleased to launch Pop Époque, Sperry’s summer tour in France which will be presented during three weeks in Paris in two galleries. Pop Époque will start on Thursday, June 19 at 6 pm with a colorful, cheerful, musical opening in the presence of Chuck Sperry at the l’Oeil Ouvert Gallery!

Entrance free, come!

Pop Époque is two exhibitions:

• Silkscreen on paper at l’Oeil Ouvert (74 rue François Miron Paris 4ème) from June 19 to July 13.

• Silkscreen on wood at Gallery Oberkampf (103 rue Saint Maur, Paris 11th) from June 21 to July 4.

Many of Sperry’s sold out, rare and hard to acquire posters will be offered online in a very limited release by l’Oeil Ouvert with new titles added beginning the week after the opening – check l’Oeil Ouvert’s store HERE for availability – or contact l’Oeil Ouvert HERE.

Directions below – click to see larger:



Spoke Art is excited to announce the release of “Sisters”, a fine art diptych by artist Chuck Sperry. Earlier this month our sister gallery, Hashimoto Contemporary, debuted the oak variants of this edition at the Art Market San Francisco fine art fair, where they sold out quickly.

“Sisters” will be available on Friday, June 6th 2014. Each print is limited to only 80 signed and numbered copies, one per household. Available at approximately 3pm PST via Spoke Art’s online store.





Sister (blue)
23 x 35
Oak Panel Edition of 15
7 colors om oak panel
Signed and Numbered


Sister (green)
23 x 35
Oak Panel Edition of 15
7 colors on oak panel
Signed and Numbered

Available through Spoke Art / Hashimoto Contemporary at Art Market in San Francisco.

We are honored to announce that our sister gallery, Hashimoto Contemporary (located just three doors down from Spoke Art) will be exhibiting this weekend at Art Market San Francisco, the Bay Area’s most established contemporary and modern fine art fair.

Please join us this weekend where we will be exhibiting new and recent works from Brett Amory, Joel Daniel Phillips, Crystal Wagner, Jessica Hess, Scott Scheidly, Erik Jones, Scott Hove, Mario Wagner, Jason Seife, Shawn Huckins and Chuck Sperry.

Please note: we will not be taking pre-orders on the Chuck Sperry regular paper prints, those will be released online at a later date.

To learn more about this event, please visit the Art Market website here.

For a insightfully written overview of Sperry’s art and journey read Ben Marks’ article which appeared in Boing Boing on May 14, 2014 HERE


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